Chia Lynn Kwa

29rooms × Whisperlodge


29rooms: InTouch sensory tunnel


Refinery29 / Whisperlodge

YEAR: 2018

concepting, writing, experiential

In a bid to stay ahead of the selfie palace curve (an increasingly crowded space), Refinery29 approached Whisperlodge to create a phone-free, multi-sensory tunnel for their annual installation, 29rooms.



As a b




Moiré patterns, a cool, analogous colour palette, and linear illustrations further the otherworldly, gently undulating feeling.

whisper_bcards mockup.jpg

Different shows are given their own colours, typographic treatments, and visual effects that conceptually define their contents, but all are united by the use of Ubuntu and moiré patterns.


Social Examples


The website (see it live here)

I designed the site in Sketch and then figured out how to code it with CSS and HTML on (big mistake). We moved to Squarespace in July, which not only required less custom CSS to look and feel good, but is also a more intuitive CMS for Melinda and Andrew to edit content.

I identified the site's primary goals as explaining the performance and providing event details. The home page is designed to tell their story, from a slideshow of images to press links (to add legitimacy) to a video of a past show—before leading the user to event and ticket details with a CTA to purchase, or at least subscribe to their emails. Below that, they will find info about ASMR since it's still a niche subculture, and more about the core Whisperlodge team.

Whisperlodge web stroked.jpg


The skeleton crew nature of our small team means we all get to wear many different hats. One more that I've begun to wear is as a photographer. I shoot and edit with the constraints and nuances of web and social in mind.