Chia Lynn Kwa

Feeding America


Feeding America


Student work

YEAR: 2011

advertising, illustration

A blue-sky guerilla campaign for Feeding America, a domestic hunger-relief charity. My goal was to bypass consumers' instinctual disregard of advertising through unconventional OOH placement.


A huge obstacle to traditional advertising is the instinctual distrust consumers feel after living in such an ad-saturated world. This guerilla campaign seeks to get around that by appearing in non-traditional settings and appealing to their humanity.

I designed packaging that mimicked grocery store products in shape and size, but were illustrated to look like Americans in need.


Each item is hidden randomly amidst genuine products in the aisles of participating grocery stores.


On the back is a call to action asking the finder to donate to a specific one of Feeding America's initiatives.


Your (tax-deductable) donation is added to your grocery receipt. The cashier keeps the item and hides it somewhere else during restocking.