Chia Lynn Kwa
saze_glass bullet_2018-09-29.jpg

album cover for Glass Bullet by SAZE


album cover Art for saze


Osaze Akerejah

WHEN: 2018

Digital illustration, cover art

Cover art for Indie Hip Hop artist SAZE's second solo record, Glass Bullet.


In Glass Bullet, SAZE’s second album, he considers his own shortcomings and contradictions. To SAZE, the glass bullet is aggressive and driven, shooting transparently towards its goals, yet delicate and ornamental. It is not made to harm, but to be revered as a precious object. Its root function and materiality are at odds.

The visual metaphor of stained glass touches on this contradiction; something with violent connotations made beautiful and harmless. It also references SAZE’s childhood memories of being brought to church every Sunday by his parents.

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