Chia Lynn Kwa
DSC_0389 splash.jpg

Pinpoint App





YEAR: 2015

branding, UX/UI, app design

Pinpoint is a tracking system for bicycles in NYC. Through an RFID token affixed to user's bicycles and a phone app that searches and logs location data.


The counter of the O features arrows pointing inward forming the negative shape of a star. The entire O is designed to look like a wheel. The letterforms are  t r a c k e d  o u t  so as to emphasise the location and identity of each one.


How it works

Passive RFID tags are embedded within the bike frame. These unpowered tags are read by the E-ZPass NY transponders that are along many major roads, sending the coordinates and timestamp to the cloud, where it is visualised on each user's app map.

To extend the search range beyond areas with transponders, phones with the app installed also record the location data of any tags they encounter in the wild.


Introductory Onboarding