Chia Lynn Kwa
bungalow on the beach_2017-08-14.jpg

SxS album covers


cover Art for SxS



WHEN: 2017

Lettering, photo editing, cover art

Indie Hip Hop artist SAZE and producer Sean Smith approached me to do album art for their collaboration act, SxS.


Bungalow On the Beach

SxS's debut single, Bungalow On The Beach, is a song about escapism from inner turmoil through the pursuit of money and pleasure.
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Worn neon lettering encircles a lonely beach bungalow in the desolate nighttime.



This track deals with problems and relationship endeavors across childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.
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SAZE and Sean wanted to show a worn photo of two kids playing in fall leaves. I showed them a few options, aged and damaged their favourite in Photoshop, and wrote the title across it in a young child's handwriting.


What's Up Hold Up Look Up

In this track, SAZE raps about feeling alienated from the world, and embracing his differences as something better than human.

Using internet conspiracy "proof" photos as the concept, I comped him into a shot of Times Square surrounded by NYPD officers, glitched up the image to add urgency and an amateurish feel, and added bright red all caps type (set in Impact as memes traditionally are) on top as a direct allusion to the kind of bold and unpolished typography normally found on such internet culture images.