Chia Lynn Kwa

Frank Gehry × kidrobot


Frank Gehry × kidrobot


student project

YEAR: 2012

Package design

What would a collaboration between Frank Gehry and kidrobot look like? This hypothetical student project imagines an Easy Edges homage and a glow-in-the-dark fish toy.


This limited edition vinyl toy commemorates early Frank Gehry—specifically his 1972 Easy Edges series of cardboard furniture and his fish lamps.


Gehry is an advocate of sustainable design, and it was important that the package be as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible, even if the vinyl composition of kidrobot toys is non-negotiable. The package is entirely made of corrugated cardboard layers laminated with a bio-adhesive. Mere friction holds both halves together at the hinge. You could chuck it into a recycling bin as is. 

The cardboard layers can be fabricated from the same template, with pieces used for one half being oriented upside down from the pieces meant for the other half.