Client: Whisperlodge

Year: 2016–present


What I do:

branding, responsive web design, CSS & HTML, social media, photography

Whisperlodge is an ongoing immersive theatre performance in NYC. Devised by Houseworld creator Andrew Hoepfner, ASMRtist Melinda Lauw, and BitterSuite creator Steph Singer, it was the first live, in-person ASMR experience in the world.






Barely-there curves in the crossbars and the spur of the G create a shimmery, mirage-like effect to convey the tingles characteristic of ASMR. Moiré patterns, a cool, analogous colour palette, and linear illustrations further the otherworldly feeling.


The website (see it live here)

I designed the site in Sketch and then figured out how to code it with CSS and HTML. Once Whisperlodge's Wordpress.com subscription expires, we hope to move to another more customisable platform that supports custom Javascript so I figure out how to make crazy Canvas moiré animations and parallax effects.


Wow, I can't believe you made it all the way to the end of this very long project overview! Here's one more thing that I've started doing for them: photography.